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Our GP prescribed a steroid ointment, but after speaking with our pharmacist I did not want to use it on such a large surface of the baby. Luckily, we have already known Safe Laser device, we used it for several problems in the family.

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I thought that before using the ointment I try the laser device, because I knew it is especially proposed for inflammatory skin problems.

We used Safe Laser twice a day for minutes on the surface and after 2 days spectacular improvement was experienced.

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We continued the treatment and during a week rashes disappeared and the wounds were healed scarless. I was very happy that I did not have to use the steroid ointment.

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Mónika P. I have been working in health care for 28 years but I did not have as much satisfaction in my whole career as I have now since I use Safe Laser. Physiotherapy P. They had to suction her nose 20 times a day. I played the piano in my childhood for 8 years. I had to stop it because articular deformation developed in my fingers.

Both of my hands became inappropriate for fine motions e. After more than 30 years I did not trust in healing when one of my friends offered me the Safe Laser device.

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I treated the small arthritis of my hands with laser. After 1 month of treatment pain has almost fully gone, my joints became loose and they can move more easily. During my training I could put my palm down, at my great surprise, and I did not have to push my fists. It could not have been achieved ízületek szenvednek lamblia many physiotherapy treatments, my hand remained rigid and pain has always come back.

I artrózis kezelése monica-ban offer use of the device for each fellow of mine, it will be a salvation in for them! Since then I have suffered from continuous otitis.

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I went to the doctor times a month because of the unbearable pain. I lighted both ear canals with Safe Laser minutes every day. Since my laser treatments I do not have any complaint. I regularly use the device since then. Ádám Mester Ph. I have great experience with Safe Laser Infra device.

This laser therapy works within the infrared range where there are 2 opposite energy-distribution which needs to be balanced.

In one hand, a sufficiently intense photon energy must reach the deeper artrózis kezelése monica-ban, and the target volume where the biological effect is expectedon the other hand the overload of surface and near tissues should also be avoided. The Safe Laser Infra device achieves this compromise by using a secure, wide penetration gate, maintaining the primary homogeneity of artrózis kezelése monica-ban light, enabling the key coherence a csípőízület artrosisának kialakulása the biological effect to be reduced.

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It is a practical advantage that due to the wide exit gate and divergence, it cannot cause any accidental damage to the eye retina. From indications, Safe Laser is coming from a homogeneous source, but safely spreading beam, with the surface performance of mW it has also become available with critical locations such as calcaneus spurs, obes lumbar joints, knee dorsal ranges, ossichi hamstring origins, obturators externus bursa, interglutelais minor bursitis, thrombophlebitis, mastoid cell system, sinusitis.

These treatments with standard laser devices were more difficult to solve and were not always sufficiently successful. National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy Muscle rupture, sports injuries Last summer we organized with our friends an open-air family picnic with many programs requiring much motion.

When it was my turn, I started without warming-up, and after a few steps I fall lightning-like, because a back muscle in my thigh was torn.

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I had a similar sports injury at my age of 20, it remained a very bad memory, because my healing lasted for more than 6 months. I was in doubt, because near to 70 what can I expect from my healing. My leg was shortly bruised at my knee, it swelled, and I could hardly walk.

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Then one of my friends offered the Safe Laser device, because according to the clinical experience it well accelerates healing in case of this type of injuries. I accepted his proposal with scepticism, but I did not feel any risk of trying it.

As per his proposal I used the device for minutes twice a day at the place of the injury and the bruise.


It is almost incredible, but after a week the bruise has gone, my pains reduced to the minimum and by the end of the third week my leg completely recovered.

My surgeon, who prognosed several months of healing, considered this 3-week healing as a wonder. Sándor Sandra In our institution we use Safe Laser devices for 4 years now, during which time a comprehensive study was carried out involving hundreds of patients examining the effectiveness of the therapy.

I cut round my finger to the bone, the surgeon sewed it round to save it.

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I began to light it through the binding twice a day with Safe Laser My pain was efficiently reduced by the laser and after a month such improvement was experienced!!